Places of experiences

Ecole sans Filet Brussels (BE),
Centre des arts du cirque in Lomme (FR),
Circus school Annie Fratellini Paris (FR),
Espace Catastrophe Brussels (BE)
Honeywell, Maintal (DE) Steelworking

Artists Laure Pique - Cie Chapazard (FR) independent wire stand 2004, Julien Posada (FR) wire stands 1999, Denis Josselin (FR) highwire stands 2014, Sarah Schwarz (DE) wire stands 2002, Christine Campion - Cirque O vent (FR) highwire stands 2013, Clément Mazeau (FR) aerial sphere 2016, Structure for Cie Barks (FR) show Les Idées Grises /F 2015-2016, Mechanical Horse for Circus Marcel (BE) 2015, Floating machines for the show Balad'Ô and Métamorph'Ô from Cie Barolosolo (FR) 2015-2016. Scenography for Tôle Story, Cie d'Elles (F) 2017. Chinease pole for Kira & Anders (D) 2018. Mini Cyr Wheel for TANMIS (F) 2019


Highwire setup for Laurence Tremblay Vu in Bâle (CH) 2018
Building an entrance door in the "Art nouveau/Tim Burton" style for th Cie. Cirque Autour (FR) 2017
Aerial setup for Rodrigo Pardo "Flat" at Cratère Surfaces (FR) 2015
Highwire setup for Tatiana-Mosio Bongonga at Cratère Surfaces (FR) 2014
Maintenance of big tops for the Centre des Arts du cirque de Lomme (FR) 2012
Maintenance of big tops, set up and dismounting for Circus school of Brussels (BE) 2011
Technical support for the festival "la Louche d'or" in Lille (FR) 2010
Set up of a zipline. TV Report for Galileo Spezial "Republikflucht" in Berlin with Stunt Factory Tilo Hase (DE)  
Light and big top technician on the show G4 from Circus Marcel (BE) 2009
Ice technician with the Moscow state circus on ice, Tour in France 2006,2009
Rigging and aerial concept for the show Emilie Jolie in the Royal Circus, Brussels (BE) 1996