Highwire Shows

Parc of the Baron de Bayanne (F) 2019
SintRosaFestival in Sittard (NL)  
Reuring festival à Purmerend with Mécanique Vivante (NL)  
Fort of Feyzin (F)  
Quellenfests Bald Vilbel (D)  
Middle ages fest in Wemding (D)Carnivale Den Haag (NL)  
Crossing of the river Loire in Tours (F)  
Carnivale Den Haag (NL) 2018
Sint-Maartens feest Overpelt (B)  
Concert de soutien ZEA contre les boues rouges à La Seyne sur Mer (F)  
Travemünder Lichterzauber (D)  
Wipfelleuchten Bad Harzburg (D)  
Luise heizt ein - Balve-Wocklum (D)  
50 Years Dottenfelderhof Bad Vilbel (D)  
30 years of circus school Le Salto in Alès (F)  
Crossing the Canal du Midi in Castelnaudary (FR) for the Cassoulet party 2017
Highwireshow for "Fête Votive" in St. Ambroix (FR)  
Opening of the "Zuidboulevard" in Waregem (BE) duo with Olivier Roustan  
On the highwire at the first Festival "Osez" in Rochebaudin (FR)  
With Nogravity4monks (IT) at the Ansan Streets Art Festival in South Korea  
Highwireshow for the Cabaret in Genolhac (FR) season opening  
Téléthon in St Ambroix (FR) 2016
L'Art-mada in the boat harbour of Lille by Transport Culturel Fluvial (FR)  
The incredible fan fair of curiositys, in Donzy le National (FR)  
Hans-Christian Andersen Festival in Odense (DK)           
Gollmuthhausen (DE)  
Opening of Königte Albert hol in Bad Elster (DE)  
Shooting for the film Alpensimphonie (DE)  
Walk between big tops of Circ Cric in Sant Esteve de Palautordera (ES)  
The Ocean Nation at la Seyne sur Mer with the french singer -M- (FR) 2015
Opening of the Circus cycle in the "Cafe de las Artes" in Santander (ES)  
The day of the train in Miramas SNCF Trainstation (FR)  
"Za dvermi" Festival opening in Prag and Plzen (CZ)  
"Les excentriques" Openair festival in Montargis (FR) 2014
Opening of the Buiseness Center "Penta" – Prague (CZ)  
University of Witten (interior) Congres for family enterprises (DE)  
Ascensionel walk on Champs Libres at Rennes with 4 drummers – Carte blanche to Ay-Roop (FR) 2013
Opening of C Mine, walk intbetween two mine towers, in Genk (BE) 2012
Crossing of Grand place de Tournai – Festival la Piste aux Espoirs (BE) 2011
Participating at the Cultural Fair in Paderborn (DE) 2010
Ascent walk for the opening and closingof the Festival "Circ Aalst" (BE)  
Festival Tini Tinou in Battambang Cambodia (KH) 2009
Promotional movies (#1 / #2) for DMV Stainless with Take it Media (DE/FR)  
Participation to the World Chapionship of Highwirewalkers Seoul Corea (KR) 2008
Festival „Les Turbulentes“ in Vieux Conde (FR)  
Show for the Brudergemeinde Korntal (DE)  
Opening of Romerquelle „Quellenfest“ in Bad Vilbel (DE) 2007,2008
Participation at the Cultural fair Freiburg (DE) 2008
"Passages" show at Cité de la double Couronne St. Denis (FR) 2005
One hundred years of the Binghöhle discovery Streitberg Germany (DE)  

Shows in partnership with companies

Fil O Lac with Barolosolo in Savenay (F) 2019
Internationales Basler Figurentheater Festival with Barolosolo (CH)  
Métamorph'Ô with Barolosolo à Valladollid and Valencia (ES) 2018
Métamorph'Ô with Barolosolo Cie. in Chalon dans la Rue (FR) 2017
With Nogravity4monks (IT) and the Show TRK#1 in Ansan (KR)  
Test with Sodade from Cirque Rouage (FR) 2016
Métamorph'Ô at Cratère Surfaces festival Alès (FR)  
Balad'O from Cie Barolosolo : Canal du Midi, in Moulin Jaune,                                                             festival de l'Oh in Villeneuve St. Georges 2015-2016
Corpus Mentalus with les Nouveaux Nez at the Nouveau festival d’Alba (FR) 2012
Tour with Circus Marcel and Theater Luxemburg "Fietsen" (BE) 2010
Ningen with Cirque Baroque at Ambes (FR) and Wroczlaw (PL) 2008
Europe tours with "Le Camion Funambule" (Zin Zin und K’barue) 2001-2005
Et qui libre, Cie. Foraine, Parc de la Villette, Paris (FR) 2000


Imaginacie, Košice, Levoca, Prešov (SK) 2012- 2015
Antoniades in Flobecq (BE) 2012, 2013
"Légendes de la foret sans foi ni loi" in Amougies (BE) 2013
"Schinderhannesfest" in Herrstein (DE) 2012
30 years of the Circus school in Brussels (BE) 2011
Festival "la Louche d'or" in Lille (FR)  
"Prinzenraubfestspiele" in Altenburg (DE) 2009-2011
Show für die Foundation "Raȉssa Gorbatschow" in Hampton Court (UK) 2008
City feast Neunkirchen (DE) 2007
Ovag Variete in Bad Nauheim (DE)  
Dottenfelderhof Fest in Bad Vilbel (DE) 2006
The return of the Olympic team of Levallois Perret (FR) 2004
14 July and ten years Aquaparc in Huninges (FR) 2003
La Puebla de Montalban, Montalban (ES)  
"Schichtwechsel" Zeche Zollverein UNESCO world heritage, Essen (DE) 2002
Unio Mystica, Danceshow in the Operettenhaus Hamburg (DE 2001
Solidays with Solidarité Sida, Paris (FR) 2000
"Nouba du cirque",  Fratellini school, Paris (FR) 2000
"C’est du jamais vu", Catastrophe, Bruxelles (BE) 1999
Opening of the technical Center Carl Stahl, Süssen (DE) 1998
30 years Dottenfelder Hof, Bad Vilbel (DE)  

As Teacher

One week workshop in La Verrerie, circus pole of Alès with 5 circus artists from south Korea from the Séoul street arts creation center 2019
Terrain d'aventure of La Verrerie, Pôle National Cirque d'Alès during Cirque en Marche (FR) 2016
High wire workshop in le Channel, National Scene of Calais (FR)           
One Month teaching of highwire, Battambang Cambodia (CB) 2010
Amature lessons in the  Circus school Brussels (BE) 1994-1996


And also

Opening of the telefilm : Quand sort la recluse from Fred Vargas by Josée Dayan - 2019

Gold and silver Medals in the national championship of sports diving in swimming pool - 2019

In the TV RTBF for the documentary : Matière grise - Le Cerveau – Le zèbre 6/18
Le Cerveau dans tous ses Etats (B) - 2018